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Supporting sports and culture



As we believe sports play a very important role in youth education and physical and psychosocial development, in particular because it is another form of academic integration, Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra has increasingly supported and encouraged it. As proof of this, two teams, men’s Basketball and men’s Indoor Football, were formed and coordinated by the Institute’s Central Administration.
The results that these teams have been obtaining demonstrate students’ excellent sporting potential, and they encourage the IPC to participate in an increasingly consistent and diversified manner in academic sports. Therefore, all students are most welcome to join the existing teams or to propose the development of other sports activities.
At this level, IPC’s students may also take part in the activities developed by the student associations of the relevant schools, which include all kinds of sports activities. We call your special attention to the women’s and men’s rugby teams of the College of Agriculture Students’ Association for their competitive performance in Portugal and abroad.


Culture is, without a doubt, another field receiving much of the Polytechnic Institute’s attention.
As the Institute’s main target is high cultural, scientific, artistic, technological and professional student education, it has helped promote and support a number of cultural and scientific events. In this area, also a publishing body was formed, called “Inovar para Crescer” (Inovate to Grow), which publishes the results of the cultural and scientific activity carried out by the school’s teaching staff and others.
More specifically, good examples of the Institute’s work in this field are the meetings, seminars and colloquia it organises on topics of great interest for the Institute’s various publics, and the publication of the “Colectânea de Comunicações” (Collection of Presentations), which includes scientific papers presented by academic staff in national and international congresses and seminars.